Hello, I’m Rebekah Daley

You’ve probably never heard of me, and that’s not surprising because I’m not a famous person. I’m just a little old lady who has lived her whole life in Arvada, a small and quiet and very pleasant town in the northern suburbs of Denver.

For fifty years I was married to Clarence Daley, who founded and for almost forty years ran a company called Arvada Tree Care Services. Clarence died three years ago, and ever since then I’ve been living in the big house that all our children grew up in on West 81st Dr. in Arvada.

It’s a nice house, and I have a nice life; I have nothing to complain about. But I must admit that I’m a little lonely. The kids have all grown up and moved away, Kate to New Mexico, Alex to California, and Virginia to Florida. And so here I am, in this big house in Arvada, and well…Arvada Tree Care Services has been well know in the Denver metro area…

So that’s why I decided to start my own little blog. My good friend Catherine, who lives just two houses down the way from me, was the one who suggested that I do it. At first I thought she was crazy. “What?” I said, “Me? Write a blog? But who would want to read a blog by someone by me?”

You never know. That’s what Catherine said to me. She said that you just never know who might want to read a blog by someone like me. That was the wonder of the internet, she said: you open a blog, and start writing, and then maybe someone in Europe or Africa, or China or Australia, might come across your blog and start reading it, and become your fan.

The more I thought about it, the more enchanting the whole idea started to seem to me. So I got a URL that’s called rebekahdaley.com and (with the help of a nice man named Charley who lives right next to me and is a retired software engineer), I launched a WordPress site.

And now here I am, sending my words out into the Ozone. If anybody out there finds me, and wants to hear what I have to say, please let me know. I’m so looking forward to hearing from you! I’m looking forward to hearing from anyone!